24 April, 2019
Johannes Maucher

AI Startup Spikee

The HdM startup Spikee applies AI-algorithms for calculating individual recovery- and stress-models, based on Heartrate-Variability (HRV)-measurements. These models can be used in the medical domain e.g. for early detection of stress-related diseases (Burnout, etc.). In the sports domain, typical applications of HRV-models are training control and the tracking of training progress. Today, Spikee is applied by world-class endurance athletes and coaches.

Read more how Spikee is used for training-optimisation by marathon runner Anna Hahner and her coach: blog.spikee.de/de/anna-hahner-auf-neuen-wegen-zu-langen-distanz

Visit Spikee: www.spikee.de