27 July, 2021
Manuel Eberhardinger

Traiv – Travel inspiration A pocket travel agency

In 2020, Traiv was a member of the HdM Startup Accelerator programme Sandbox and has been provided with a mentor and marketing budget. A social media campaign was additionally created by HdM students as part of an HdM course.

Traiv is focused on rethinking the process of searching travel destinations and travel inspiration by using AI technology. Traiv allows users to search around the globe and find new destinations within and apart from touristic hotspots, on an interactive map with the help of just one uploaded picture.

Traiv takes an innovative and new approach to this, as an image search engine (artificial intelligence [AI]) is used as the core function for inspiration. The image search engine requires an image for the output of travel destinations, which users select individually and upload. The image search engine (AI) analyzes the image and looks for features which characterize the image and its content.

Subsequently, images with similar features from Traiv’s database are displayed on an interactive map. Thus searching the world for similar destinations is as easy as uploading a picture to social media! The interactive map allows for an easy and intuitive handling of the large amount of destinations. Every single destination is displayed as an image on the map, so it is possible to quickly make an assessment of its geographical location as well as the surrounding area.

After selecting a possible travel destination, the most important information can be viewed in the destination description. Subsequently, the booking of the trip is possible via Traiv’s partners and their respective in app links.

All destinations displayed by Traiv are pictures that users have made available to the community in their profiles. In this way, Traiv wants to achieve the largest possible coverage of destinations in the world and give users the opportunity to inform themselves specifically about destinations through comments and reviews.

About EFSB-Software / Traiv
EFSB-Software is developing Traiv to help users to search for new travel destinations by using AI technology. With AI as an innovation driver, Traiv in future will also be dealing with problems occurring within the travel industry such as mass tourism. Traiv also sets focus on increasing awareness about local travel possibilities and will provide a platform for a local and global travel community. EFSB-Software GbR is headquartered in Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany.


Media Contact: EFSB-Software GbR – Traiv
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